Candidate Statement – Rick Herrick

My name is Rick Herrick, a local business owner, a long time resident and Big Bear Lake Mayor.

We’ve endured over the years major wildfires, earthquakes, the great recession, a pandemic, economic shutdowns and social uncertainty with associated booms and busts. Because of this we’ve emerged a strong, gritty community with a desire to find solutions.

I reject divisiveness simply for the sake of division.  I support Replenish Big Bear with the same vigor that I supported our beautiful Big Bear Lake Bridge. I am a fiscal conservative who fights for improved roads, a better water system, our new zoo and the Moonridge Corridor. I support our sheriffs and fire departments.

We need a healthy forest that is resilient against mega fires. We need more recreational opportunities and the opportunity to see the next generation of our eagles take flight. We need neighborhoods that are neighborly and visitors who admire and respect our ruggedness and love our mountain community.

I offer my knowledge, experience and my commitment to calmly lead with compassion and stability. Together, we can celebrate our history and build for a better future.  Thank you for your support, your guidance, and your vote on November 8th.

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Rick Herrick