On the Issues

On the Issues

Coronavirus. Having had the virus myself, I know we need to use science in determining how we reopen our state: how we get businesses open, and how we protect our most vulnerable neighbors. At the same time, one size doesn’t fit all. We give local government the ability to take local situations into consideration as we move forward and start to open businesses again. The same goes for opening our schools: let local school boards and parents decide how and when to open safely, and how to offer quality on-line education to those students who prefer to learn at home.

Jobs and the Economy. I own a small business. I know what it’s like out there. Millions of Californians are out of work. First, we need to make sure people who need unemployment benefits don’t just get a busy signal from the California Unemployment Office. It’s unacceptable that people have waited weeks or months because the phone lines are busy. Next, we need to help our small businesses survive and get their doors back open. This starts with helping business owners develop plans to reopen, and making it easy to do so. Further we need to immediately eliminate the many unfair government regulations which are strangling business owners during the crisis, and make it simple and quick to hire or rehire new or returning workers.

Affordability. Most Californians now believe it’s almost impossible to earn enough money to live a middle class life, and that our children will have to move out of the state to join the middle class. We need to build a state that offers everyone the opportunity to get a great education, a well-paying job, and live the California Dream. But prices on everything from housing to gas are out of control, and the government in Sacramento just wants to tax us more! As your Assemblyman I’ll focus like a hawk on reducing and eliminating the many, many government taxes and fees that are keeping people treading water instead of getting ahead. I’ll work to make it easier to build new, affordable housing, to expand our roads and freeways so we don’t spend all day commuting, and to reduce the red tape that makes it hard to open a business or hire new people. I strongly support Proposition 13 property tax protections.

Public Safety. It’s the first job of government to keep our communities safe. I strongly oppose defunding the police, and instead propose increasing training. I oppose the laws which are letting thousands of dangerous convicted felons out of prison early. I oppose the laws which have all but decriminalized hard drug use. If we need to build new prisons, then it’s more important to build them than to let dangerous, violent felons walk free in our neighborhoods. Civilized society requires that we restore order, and as your Assemblyman that will be my priority. It’s time to start putting the average citizen first, not the average criminal.

Education. Every student in California deserves the kind of education that will allow them to go to college or get a good paying job. Right now though, the truth is that California’s schools are among the worst in the nation. We need to make sure classrooms have every dollar they need, but hold administrators, teachers, and students responsible for results. Parents need more input into their children’s education, and need to be kept informed about the performance of the schools their children attend.  I firmly support charter schools, particularly in those areas where public schools have failed. California universities and colleges need to give strong admission preferences to California students, not just import students from other states or other countries to reap the increased student fees.